More Ticketses

Today we actually booked the flights to Cairo. It was a bit of a decision to make, as the original plan taking us through Copenhagen is no longer an option (go figure). So we had to decide on direct from London, which wasn’t our first choice, because we want to relax and shake off the jetlag before we arrive in Cairo (and London being so expensive, we didn’t want to layover there); or layovers in France (Paris or Marseille), Athens, or Malta. Malta was the more expensive of the layover options, but also the most appealing. We will hit Athens, and hopefully Paris (which both of us have been to before anyway), on the way back.

Malta! It’s such a beautiful place!

So much has happened in a week, I’m having trouble keeping up! Next on the list of things to do, booking a room in both Malta (Valletta), and Cairo, and purchasing the insurance. We’re leaning toward this place in Cairo called the Canadian Hostel. The clichéd name is what originally caught my attention, but after seeing what it offered, and reading a very generous review, we’ve decided to go with it.

I think the next month is going to fly.

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